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 The  team

After spending over 25 years serving top ranking OEMs in the field of Public Transport, I decided to create DANTON DEVELOPMENT & SUPPORT to bring my knowledge and experience to serving industrial SMEs.

The evolutions in demand and major client requirements have brought, to these industrial companies, technical expertise recognized by all. Experience shows that the critical success factors are the control of customer relationships, satisfaction in fulfilling commitments on each side, and the ability of key players to regroup into specific or sustained teams to respond to extended project requirements.

                              It is this expertise that our firm offers you today.
  portrait de frédéric danton
We will accompany you with professionalism in your business development. Our expertise in understanding and anticipating market needs, and sharing of best practices will be an asset in promoting your success. Our thorough knowledge of the different stakeholders and our experience in leading people will also allow you to sign up for multi-pole projects respecting the values of each player.

Hands on and project orientated, I will answer your business development needs using a tailor made and results-focused approach.

Frédéric Danton